The Tumbler Grip Magnetic Arm Turner Review

One question I see over and over in my groups is ‘what turner do you
recommend’. I have used a big 12 cup turner my dad built  the past 3-4 years so I never really used a GOOD option that I could direct people to purchase. Currently, I really only use my turners for tutorials so I wanted
to invest in a smaller turner that I could move around easily making filming easier. One of my friends, Kim Hobbs (for those of you that know her… you already know how amazing she is), sent me two of the Tumbler Grips for one of my smaller turners and I loved them. They ran a sale on their turners and I decided to snag a two cup turner so I will tell y’all what I think in this entry! Make sure you save that DISCOUNT CODE at the end of the entry! 
The turner I ordered was the uncovered two cup turner with magnetic arms. The back of the turner is acrylic and has a THICK wood base. Lauren was sweet enough to upgrade one of my grips to the XL. The XL grip is perfect for those longer cups (such as the 32 plump). I LOVE how you can customize your colors. I choose the hot pink option since it went perfect with my Drunk Flamingo brand. They also have a covered option that you can get engraved with your business logo! The turner comes partially disassembled but REAL easy to get it up and going. The screw holes for the arm supports are already drilled so you will unscrew them, add the supports and screw them back in.
The turner arms are MAGNETIC and they are amazing! All you need to do is get your tumbler on the turner arm and pop those babies into place. Really smooth connection and strong. I needed two hands to get the arm off- one to hold the turner and one to pull the arm. I don’t think these arms are going anywhere once they are on.
The on and off switches are covered with plastic- which is genius. If you are like me, you are a messy crafter. If epoxy gets on these button the dried epoxy can be popped off and still be good as new. No more epoxied down power buttons!
When I put my cups on my grips I like to put the top of the grip inside the tumbler if I can. Remember that ‘messy crafter’ comment? Haha. I HAVE gotten epoxy on the top part of my grips and almost couldn’t get them out of my tumbler. I WAS able to pop the epoxy off of the grip once I got it free but it is something to be mindful of. Note to self: less epoxy slinging.
Once you have your tumbler on your grip, pop it in place and you are ready to epoxy. The on/ off switches work just like other turners. Turn it off and on if you want your arm to switch directions. They have different speeds to choose from as well- I got my typical 5-6 RPM. Their OG grip fits most tumblers. I have used them for the football tumblers pictured, skinnies, mugs, wine glasses, plumps and more. The XL I use for the 32 plumps. The extra strength helps hold it in place a little better than the OG.
Once your cup is ready to go- get that epoxy on! I did not have any shifting- even with my 3D cups when I am constantly using a little force to ‘dig out’ the pools of epoxy that gather around my 3D elements. Another cool feature is that the arm supports ARE adjustable. So if you have already applied epoxy and realize you tumbler is angling down a little, the supports have wing nuts that you can loosen, raise the support to raise the tumbler a bit, then tighten the nut back up. Super helpful so you aren’t trying to handle a tumbler covered in epoxy.

In conclusion… GET THE TURNER. I was very impressed with the quality and attention to detail. If you are ready to snag one for yourself, use code DAMFANCY for 10% your FIRST order! This is a one time use code so make sure you grab everything you want! **This discount does not apply to covered turners**

Things I love:

  • The magnetic arms
  • Color customization
  • Covered on/off buttons
  • The grips themselves (bye bye pool noodles)
  • Craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Included arm supports that are adjustable

I hope this summarization was helpful to those of you that have been in the market for a new turner! Oh, and if you were wondering if I have a tutorial for this fun 3D gnome tumbler the answer is YES! This was the project we covered in February in my DAM Fancy Tribe, you can sign up here if you want in on the fun! If you are a crafter just starting out, my tumbler must haves for starting out post may help you on your journey! 

See y’all next time!



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