The Drunk Flamingo will ship all packages USPS first class UNLESS your meet the weight minimum for USPS priority shipping (1lb) OR you select Priority Shipping at checkout. 

USPS First class shipping speed is an ESTIMATED 2-5 business days while Priority is an ESTIMATED 2-3 business days- Again, this is the estimated time it will take.

This also does not include my processing time (the time is will take me to fill and pack up your glitter), which is another 1-3 business days.

If you need a glitter color fast, please message me before ordering.


The Drunk Flamingo does not offer returns or exchanges because you do not like a color your ordered or you spilled your glitter or accidently ordered something.

If you noticed an issue with your order when it arrives, please contact me immediately by messaging me on the site. You will have a 48 hour window to contact me and let me know if an item was damaged during shipping or arrived damaged in any other way so that I can file a claim with USPS if needed and either issue a refund or send out a replacement item.